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HOSTUALL Web developers.
We are professional website developers with over 20 years experience in the industry.  A combination of HTML, PHP, MySql and Java are used to design a custom built database and website according to your needs. We also work on existing websites and can add interactive functionality like online contact forms, pricelists, picture galleries, SMS gateways and credit card systems. We also provide a back office or administration section where the website owner signs on with his or her username and password in order to change website text, update pricelists, or add images to the picture gallery.

Administration Section
We always add an administration section (Also known as the back office) to all websites we design. As already mentioned above, this section is used by the website owner to update information the web user will see without the need to contact a web developer or programmer. The back office is protected with a username and password, and does have functionality where you can add more administrators and only give them access to add, delete or update certain sections of the website. A Forgotten password functionality is also built into this section in case a username or password gets lost. Self Administration of your website is not compulsory, and can be done by one of our personnel for a additional monthly fee.

Online Contact Form
The online contact form is a online form your visitor fills out with his contact information and any messages, request or queries he might have. This information is then sent to any valid e-mail address the moment the form gets submitted by the web user and will also be stored in a database table for reverence purposes. All entries done through the contact form is accessible through the back office (Administration Section), and can be referred to in case the original email was deleted. The same principle is used in case you need your web user to submit any other information like online orders or images about his property he wants to sell. A perfect example of a contact form would be the one we designed for this website where you can contact us with your queries.

SMS Gateways.
We do not develop any SMS gateways ourselves, but rather incorporate such functions onto your website using third party organizations for example clicatell or Vodacom.

Credit Card Systems.
We can add credit card functionality to your website that will be used by the web user to pay for services you offer, or products you sell. However this requires a merchant account at any financial institute and is self administered.

Domain registration and hosting.
We prefer to host websites via purely because they provide a compatible format of PHP and MySql. However it is not compulsory to host at host u all, and any hosting company of your choice can also be used. Such a hosting company must provide PHP 5 or higher and must have at least one MySql database available on your hosting package in order for us to design a professional website.